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There are a couple of glitches which are not allowed in competitive play, which are called non-legal glitches. If this option is enabled, an attempt to use a non-legal glitch will fail the level.

Simultaneous character movement is a non-legal glitch where two characters can be moved at the same by pressing the character switch and a direction key at the same time. If this option is enabled, pressing the character switch key will let go of all other input keys, preventing the simultaneous character movement glitch.


The https://scores.bitbusters.club user ID. Required for score report generation.
How to obtain: Look for the number in your player page URL. For example, If your user page is at https://scores.bitbusters.club/players/75, your optimizer ID is 75.


The integer part of the time left can be rounded in different ways, depending on the wanted interpretation. Avaliable rounding modes:

  • floor — Equivalent to the amount of time until the game is lost via time out. Represents how the game internally tracks time left, but the shown value must be ceiled in one's head to know the in-game time.
  • floor + 1 — Resembles how time works in Lynx and mostly matches in-game time, but is inaccurate when the decimal is .00.
  • ceil — Always matches in-game time, but no longer always decreases. Displayed time will jump from x.05 to (x-1).00 to (x-1).95.
About NotCC


NotCC is an open-source accurate CC2 emulator.

Made by G lander.

Thanks to:

  • The Chip's Challenge community, residing at The Bit Busters Club. Also, more specifically:
  • eevee, for creating the first CC2 emulator, Lexy's Labyrinth, which NotCC heavily borrowed (and still borrows) from.
  • Markus O., Bacorn, and Sickly, for creating and maintaining SuperCC, the optimization tool ExaCC is heavily inspired by.
  • Zrax, for creating a very helpful suite of CC tools, appropriately called CCTools.
  • Anders Kaseorg and Kawaiiprincess, for creating and porting to CC2 (respectively) the bundled Tile World tileset.
  • Sharpeye, for finding a bug with ExaCC auto-scaling and being one of the first people to use ExaCC for optimization.
  • Tyler Sontag, for creating the very, very helpful resident Discord bot, Gliderbot.
  • IHNN, for providing details and feedback on non-legal glitches and their prevention.

Last change: Bump logic to v1.1.7 (fda8f80) at 2024-05-04T18:43:34+03:00.
Built at 2024-05-04T15:44:27.498Z.

Non-free set

The set you are trying to load is non-free, and cannot be legally accessed from the Gliderbot set repository. If you don't have it, you can butt it on Steam here.

If you have a copy of the set, load it into NotCC with the Load directory option below.

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You can submit fun facts for this box by contacting ʐ̈ MANNNNNNN via the Chip's Challenge Bit Busters Club Discord Server.


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A scoreboard-legal Chip's Challenge 2® emulator.

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