g lander's club

About me

Hi! I'm Zee, or G lander (they/them). I'm somewhat of a ""software developer,"" and I like making things on the internet. I also somewhat enjoy drawing (a lot of the art on this page is original!), though I wouldn't consider myself to be an artist.

Things I've made

During my time existing, I've made various things. Here are most of them!

Chips stuff

NotCCAn open-source Chip's Challenge 2 emulator2020-2024

I like this game called Chip's Challenge 2! I first played it in 2018, and then in 2020 wanted to play it on Linux, but it wouldn't run because it was an ancient, unmaintained Windows app. And so, I decided to remake Chip's Challenge 2 as a web game, NotCC, which could run anywhere.

After spending years finding edge cases in emulation between the real game and my emulator, NotCC was recognized by the Chip's Challenge speedrunning community to be equivalent to the Steam client, for score purposes. ExaCC (part of NotCC), a speedrunning tool, was developed afterwards.

I now also maintain Railroad, a service for hosting CC2 level solutions, and work on Prewrite NotCC a new-and-improved and more user-friendly version of NotCC.

If you've played the first game and wondered what happened to the sequel, feel free to check out NotCC!

RailroadA repository for CC2 level solutions2023-2024 GLP1A levelset2021-2023 Antispeed bootsSimple tool to change game speed2021

Cookie Clicker stuff

CppkiesAn ambitious mod framework for Cookie Clicker. Not maintained2020-2022 Cppkies2CashA joke modding framework for a joke toy2021 Cppkies Mod ManagerA mod manager for web Cookie Clicker2020-2021 Cppkies Mod RepositoryA place to upload Cookie Clicker mods. Down since 20212020-2021 asjsA CORS-enabled forwarder for JS hosted on Pastebin2020

Other stuff

indent-rainbowlineProbably what I'm best known for. A NeoVim plugin for rainbow indents! Essentially a port of the VSCode extension.2023-2024 Super PDF MakerNo-server PDF image stitcher2023 PrismifyNovel library to make 3D prisms using mostly CSS2023 FuzzyNotifsCalendar app with randomized TODO times2023 Alive Box AdventureA really small and simple platforming game2022 GenZeeA lovely text-based wallpaper generator!2021 Very old stuff I used to make Scratch games, Discord bots, and even tried to create a programming language! Of course, none of it is good...2015-2020

Contact me and links

Feel free to contact me by email: public@glander.club. I have a Discord account with a somewhat guessable username, but please use email unless it is something very urgent.

I don't post on social media, so I don't have anywhere you should follow me, but here are some of my public accounts you can check out:

Support me

Wow! I'm extremely flattered you're even reading this! If you would like to fund the hosting costs of glander.club, or you just want to show appreciation for something I've made, feel free to send me a one-time donation on...

Well, that's what I would say, but I current cannot accept donations! Come back, say, in mid-October 2024?